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"Judy Heller is a top-notch fitness
who exhibits a wealth
of knowledge. She provided
Evraz Inc. NA with a first-rate wellness
on Fitness and Movement. 
I would highly recommend
Judy Heller to present your
next seminar or consult
on an individual basis!"  
Barbara Lipinski, Evraz Inc. NA

Corporate Wellness

A healthy work force is beneficial to your business, bottom line, and employees. In a competitive work environment healthy motivated workers get the job done. If you think the costs of implementing a corporate wellness program are prohibitive, you may be surprised to learn that significant savings can be realized with such a program in place.

Wellness seminars are a good first step in introducing wellness programs. There are five stages of change which influence how people respond to programs. One stage is neither better nor worse than another. It simply is where people are. Seminars can introduce information for those desiring to learn something new or learn more; they offer an opportunity of helping people who need hints on being prepared for launching into action. Those actively pursuing appreciate reminders of how far they have come.
Significant change doesn’t ‘stick’ unless unhealthy lifestyle habits are replaced with healthy ones.
Walking presentations are well received due to amazing benefits of walking.

♥   Reduces Cost                                             ♥   More Productive
♥   Boost Morale                                              ♥   Improve Decision Making  
♥   Responsibility                                             ♥   Improves Worker Loyalty
♥   Attracts Healthy Workers                             ♥   Bolsters Personnel
For every dollar you spend on wellness, you save as much as five to six dollars on illness.
♥   Better Productivity = Earn more money or time 
♥   Fewer sick days = more time for other activities
♥   Fewer office visits = fewer co-pays                          
♥   Fewer prescription and over the counter drugs
♥   Anti-aging Antibiotic                                                              
♥   Better pricing on life insurance
♥   Time is money no longer spent in doctor offices or clinics
♥   Deteriorations in health -- you may not even be able to get medical insurance
“Our research time and time again confirms the benefits of healthier, fitter employees. They have fewer and lower long-term medical claims, they are absent less, their disability costs are lower, and their perceived personal productivity and job/life satisfaction levels are higher."
- Peter Soderberg, President Johnson & Johnson HMI.
What the Numbers Show
  • 60% of companies have either changed or plan to change their healthcare strategy, due to the recent economic and financial situation (Watson Wyatt 2009).
  • Companies that have succeeded in controlling healthcare costs have saved nearly $60 million since 2004, with financial incentives and effective delivery of information being the two (of five) most important factors (Watson Wyatt 2009).
  • The median healthcare expense per U.S. employee in 2008 was $7,173 (Amend 2009).
  • Obesity costs U.S. companies $45 billion annually in medical expenditures and work loss (Barrington & Rosen 2008).
  • Employers are paying 29% more for healthcare 2009 than they spent in 2004 (Towers Perrin 2009).
  • 50% of companies have or will introduce or increase investments in wellness and health promotion in 2009 and 2010 (Tahmincioglu 2009).
  • 32% of companies have or will introduce or increase financial incentives, such as bonuses or premium discounts, for wellness or health promotion activities in 2009 and 2010. Another 30% are considering this action (Tahmincioglu 2009).
  • 45% of companies say they are considering introducing or increasing penalties for nonparticipation in wellness or health promotion activities.
"There is no question that regular exercise improves one’s ability to perform, reduces stress, and enhances self-image."
- Dr James Rippe, Cardiologist, University of Massachusetts.


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