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Wellness Seminars

With a focus on imparting the tools to help employees get started or keeping going Coach Heller brings a fresh approach to Corporate Wellness.

Author and Speaker

A published author, speaker, professional coach, instructor and trainer with a clinical background.

Judy Heller is a columnist for WalkAbout magazine’s WalkWrite column,  and a public speaker who is passionately dedicated to helping people reach their fitness and lifestyle goals.

Suggested Topics include, but not limited to:

♥ Improve Your Health                        ♥ Maximize Benefits of Walking

♥ Changing Lifestyle Habits                  ♥ Nutrition Topics

♥ It Isn’t a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle             ♥ Reduce Distress

♥ Create Life Balance                          ♥ Setting & Maintaining Lifestyle

♥ Setting & Maintaining Lifestyle Goals for a Lifetime

♥ Economic ROI for Business and Employees

Judy is available for presentations, groups, events, and other opportunities for sharing the wonders of walking. Contact her to discuss your or your business or organization’s needs!

What Clients Say:

“Judy Heller is a top-notch fitness professional who exhibits a wealth of knowledge. She provided Evraz Inc. NA with a first-rate wellness seminar on Fitness and Movement. Judy presented the material in a way that engaged our employees and got them excited about exercise. Judy always takes into consideration the fitness level of the employee when she presents tips, so they feel motivated, not overwhelmed. I would highly recommend her to present your next seminar or consult on an individual basis!”

Barb Lipinski, PHR, GPHR
Compensation & Benefits Specialist


Contact WOW for more information on wellness presentations. You may reach Judy Heller at 503-282-1677. 

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