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“Walking means health, wellness,
exercise, camaraderie, being outdoors,
gives mental and physical stress relief,
opportunity to achieve better fitness
than I ever thought I could achieve!”

-Carolyn G.

Fitness Coaching

Lifestyle Transitions

Life is change. Welcomed or not it is unavoidable. You cannot control the passage of time, but you can control how you pass through time. Hooray! 

   Are you noticing changes occuring?

   Are you concerned about your bone density? Osteopenia | Osteoporosis?

   Do you feel out of touch with your body?

   Do you wonder Whats stopping me?

   Do you know how to be good to yourself?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, check out these options:
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Are you looking for a comprehensive program to help you build better bones?
Judy Heller recently completed the training (receiving a Certificate of Completion) for the MelioGuide Exercise for Better Bones Program, which is an exercise for osteoporosis program designed for people like you. It provides a safe and effective means to strengthen bone, reduce fracture risk and build confidence.
Contact Judy to schedule your appointment or call 503-282-1677.

Wonders of Walking works with you to design a plan that focuses on step-by-step fitness and lifestyle goals using targeted activities and exercises you can integrate into your life.

A female 60 year old client desired to loose 50 pounds, take control of her diabetes, and climb a mountain near Manzanita. Integrating good walking technique, eliminating negative self talk, creating dietary awareness and celebrating her daily small accomplishments has help her reduce her weight by 40%,  lower her blood sugar 40 points or 30%, and hike this mountain rather than wait at the bottom for her husband.  She has achieved all of this without potions, pills or fad diets, by integrating lifestyle changes as new habits.



Wonders of Walking will work with you to design a plan that focuses on step-by-step fitness and lifestyle goals using targeted activities and exercises you can integrate into your life. The components include but not limited to: cardiovascular exercise, resistance or strength training, healthy diet, breathing, sport & competition training.
Example activities more

Walking is one of the easiest movements to get the exercise you need to stay healthy, have fun, and take control of the passage of time.

  • The process is the journey; the journey is the destination. There is no 'finish line'.
  • We are partners in defining and working together as you aim towards your best well-self. Having fun is an important component of success.
  • Together we address your current problems / challenges / obstacles and plan for your future healthy, vibrant, active YOU!

Are you ready to make lifestyle changes?
Contact Judy or call 503-282-1677

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