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WOW'S Half Marathon Training Program

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I completed a half-marathon. I put all our
tactics to work learned in the WOW
training. I was 24 minutes faster than
my goal. It was an out and back
course. I was 15 minutes faster on
the back portion.
It was a good experience.”

~Jeanie P.

PDX Half Marathon

WALKERS ONLY Exclusive Half Marathon Program

WOW's PROVEN walk training Portland Half Marathon & Oregon Half Marathon  begins June 15th


Group training is more effective than training alone 
You’ll improve your technique 
Learn how to pace yourself
Discover what to eat and drink on the course
Improve your performance 
Personalized coaching in a group setting
Have FUN!


Do you want to be a fitter, faster, more fluid walker? 
Do you enjoy the camaraderie of training with others? 
Would you like to improve your Half Marathon time?

Where: Group trainings will rotate locations
First meeting is at Grant Track located on NE US Grant Pl & NE 33rd Ave


June 7 - September 27, 2015

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Fee:  $ 135
By Mail  Download registration form 
By Phone  503-282-1677 
WOW accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express 

What you need to know:

  • Hands-on, personalized attention gives you the opportunity to create the change you want in your walking performance.
  • You can cross the finish line healthy and vibrant!

What You Will Receive in this Program if registering in July

  • A customized half marathon training plan
  • This training program begins June 7 meeting every other week through September 27th.
  • Weekly email tips
  • Race strategies
  • Nutrition
  • You will receive hands-on-coaching from Judy Heller who achieved All American Standards in race walking for the 1-mile, 5K and 10K in 2011 for her age group.

Benefits Include:  

  • Increase your walking speed and distance
  • Increase your ability to climb hills
  • Maintain form and sprinting ability at the end of a race
  • Race walkers, maintain your legal race walk form throughout the event improving speed
  • Nordic walkers efficient use of poles
  • Decrease your risk of first time walking injuries
  • Decrease your risk of re-injury
  • Lots of Fun!!

Plus We will meet at four different locations for specific training related to walking technique, movement & gait, address muscular strengths and imbalances; including mobility and flexibility drills as well as stretching components; heart rate training, training principles, speed, legal racewalk competition,) building your skills to compete in or finish the Portland Half Marathon.

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