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Strong Values & Principles

What is the WOW Training System? 

A healthy body. A sound mind. A vibrant life.
Achieve and exceed your fitness goals with personalized training & coaching from Wonders of Walking.

Take time for yourself.
As you enter new life phases, you may discover that after years of caring for others, focusing on your career and going about life, you have forgotten to take care of the most important thing: yourself.

Suddenly, the little aches and pains that pop up won’t go away, or you find that you’re short of breath from taking the stairs. Do you brush off such “minor” issues, attributing them simply to “part of getting old”?

Wonders of Walking believes that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can take back your body, recapture your health and reconnect with yourself through a personalized fitness plan that addresses the “symptoms” and limitations you are feeling.

Why go at it alone?
Maybe you’ve begun this journey toward rediscovery but aren’t getting the results you want. The power to rediscover ourselves is within each of us, yet working alone – especially at the beginning – can be frustrating. Coaching offers you the opportunity to get motivated, receive effective feedback, learn the right way to move, be challenged, and go forward with confidence and knowledge.

The five underlying principles of the Wonders of Walking system include:

Acceptance. Accept where you are so you can move forward. When the emphasis is on self ‘hate’, people stay stuck. We encourage “self acceptance” as the right frame of mind from where to grow. We encourage “self acceptance” as the right frame of mind from where to grow.

Knowledge. Know how your body works for and against you. We provide you with information, techniques and comfort to move confidently, efficiently and effectively. 

Consistency and Continuity. As Mark Twain said, “Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time.” Changing habits happen one step at a time. It is only when you repeatedly take steps on a consistent basis does CHANGE begin to happen.

We help you find the consistency and continuity in your practices and actions that lead to creating new healthy habits.

Quality. The how you move is many times more important that the quantity of what you do. Your true power as an individual comes from the quality of your actions – not just what you do but how you go about your life. We help you see that the quality of your actions is far more important than the quantity of things you do.

Connection. Once you form the body/mind/spirit connection, you are better prepared to listen for and receive the messages that will help you build upon your steps. We help you discover the thread that allows you to connect and function as one.

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