January 6, 2022

2023-01-17 | 15:09:13

"This human is BRIGHT! EXPERIENCED! WISE! and REAL!! Judy is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. She understands what works for one, may not work for another, and what worked two years ago might not be what you need or will work right now! She’s incredible and will put a spin of positive in your world on top of whatever your fitness goals are!!"
August 4, 2021

2023-01-17 | 15:08:59

"I'm new to speed walking and Judy has helped me considerably. I walk faster yet with comfort, good posture and ease. Bravo!"
August 2, 2021

2023-01-17 | 15:08:48

"I love working with Judy and have done so through a walking club, group technique clinics and smaller group lessons! She is so knowledgable about walking technique and can explain both why the different techniques work to improve my form and speed and also how all the different motions are interrelated. She is concerned about the whole person and her bottom line is she wants everyone to enjoy walking and to do it well. I can't wait for my next Judy check in."
August 1, 2021

2023-01-17 | 15:08:38

"In early 2021 I set a goal to complete two half marathons within 3 months. I knew I needed an expert to help me reach this goal. Judy Heller is who I reached out to. Judy crafted an excellent 14 week training schedule that included some one on one workouts. Judy’s ‘Zen Master’ demeanor & expertise has been an excellent fit for me. I completed the first leg of my goal on 7/18. Judy has me on track for completing the second leg on August 28th. Regardless of your experience level, call Judy."
November 15, 2020

Michelle V.

"With her guidance I was able to go from being barely able to walk because of arthritis and fibromyalgia pain to a "walker" full of hope that exercise could be relatively pain free again. The "exerstrider" walking poles she recommended and the instruction she provided in using the walking poles has changed my life. The walking poles have made a huge difference in my ability to walk for exercise and to cover rough terrain. They have made it so much easier to travel and work!"
January 31, 2015

Jim Abbott

"The group of WOW walkers that meets every Saturday at 9am at The Urban Grind, is a great bunch of folks that enjoys walking and talking together. Drop by and join us as our guest. NW 14th and NW Kearney St."